Exterior LED Lighting

Add a unique touch to the front end of your vehicle and be the centre of attention at shows with our bespoke exterior LED lighting. Choose any combination of lighting from demon eyes, fog lights, intercooler/grille and underbonnet lights. Both single colour or colour changing are available.

Our colour changing lights are fully controllable via your smartphone using our bluetooth controllers, or a remote if you’d prefer. Functions include single colours, flashing and strobing, syncing to the music on your phone or sounds picked up from around you, and mimicking the colours picked up from your camera.

Please note that the lighting is sold as for off-road or show use only.

Demon EyesLED Lighting 1

Interior LED Lighting

If your vehicle has plugs for lights in the front footwells, we can make a plug and play, custom front and rear footwell lighting kit in any colour. The same can also be achieved with the boot.